Leading is Everybody’s Business

"Your choice of leadership and management style can increase

or decrease productivity in your organization by up to ten times."

—Jim Bagnola



To erase the mythology surrounding Leading and Leadership and to bring new knowledge to maximize authentic leadership at every level of the organization, and thereby increase productivity.


Main Focus

This workshop challenges the major myths about leading, and creates a new mindset by countering with new realities.  Age-old questions about leaders and leadership are discussed:

  • Are there natural-born leaders?
  • What one element is required in order to be a leader?
  • Is "followship" a derogatory term?
  • Are there characteristics that identify a leader in every situation?
  • Does a person’s title automatically confer leadership?
  • Who will make better leaders in the 21st century—men or women?

Answer these questions and know more about authentic leading than most people in higher management. The most important revelation of the workshop is the strong relationship between a leader’s style and the productivity of his or her followers.  The more leaders in an organization, the more likely the organization will be a leader in its arena.



  • The striking differences between managers and leaders
  • The significance of relationship as the essence of leadership
  • Ways to expand the power of leadership throughout the organization
  • The five foundations to positioning oneself to influence more effectively
  • How to develop influence without, in spite of, or beyond authority
  • The difference between compliance and commitment
  • The source of 80% of the problems found in the workplace
  • The connection between the mind-body relationship and the ability to lead
  • 100 action ideas to provoke you to implement this new knowledge



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