Appreciating the Many Faces of Intelligence


None of us is as intelligent as the combination of
individuals in the partnership called “team.”

—Jim Bagnola


To use Teaming and Leadership to transform the traditional culture into a participative culture–from a “Do as you are told” to a “Do whatever it takes” culture.

  • Teaming is about human interaction. It places tremendous demands on interpersonal skills. The three most important people skills must be upgraded in the teaming environment:
    • Learning to be assertive (not saying yes when we mean no)
    • Really listening to others
    • Resolving conflicts utilizing communication intelligence


Main Focus

This workshop defines the Team as the preeminent tool of empowerment ushering in the Second Industrial Revolution. Leadership is here redefined in the context of the high-performance work team. Discover the difference between control and compliance, and between persuasion and facilitation skills. Learn the signposts of team evolution and how to move team members from one level to the next. This workshop delivers the tools to empower within a framework.



  • How to keep the team rejuvenated through authentic leadership
  • Personal and organizational empowerment
  • Empowering vs. enabling
  • The key to empowerment: individual involvement
  • Using the facilitation process to work more effectively with team members
  • Revisiting diversity in the light of the many faces of intelligence
  • How language influences creativity and performance levels
  • Action ideas to create a team-based environment
  • The impact of the Second Industrial Revolution



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