The Never-Ending Balancing Act:
Managing Stress


"This is the 21st century leader's competitive edge."
- Jim Bagnola


To reset our habit patterns in the areas of diet, exercise and rest -- the pillars of health -- in favor of a health-“full” lifestyle.

Good health is not an accident. Health, capacity, and productivity are inextricably linked. We choose everything in life, including our interpretation and response to changes and challenges. Stress is the result of improper interpretation and response. Each individual responds uniquely to perceived stressful events.


Main Focus

This workshop uses several assessments to determine each participant’s tendencies under stressful situations.

Strategies for handling stressful events are identified in three areas: mind, body, and psychophysiology. This program reveals the influence of the mind-body connection, as well as how to increase capacity while managing stress. Prepare yourself for learning and “doing.” We will walk, do gentle stretching postures, exercise the major muscle groups using a simple process and drink plenty of water. This workshop is designed for take-home value in resetting habit patterns.



  • The impact of stress on health, attitude, and performance
  • How to manage the tendency to create stress
  • How diet, exercise, and rest impact your body type and balance
  • The natural intelligence of foods and herbs to build resilience
  • How to restore and keep a flexible body
  • Simple, quick, effective exercises that involve no strain
  • Why walking and water are powerful tools
  • The psychological aspect of stress
  • The value of brain-wave coherence and how it enhances brain capacity
  • Science-based meditation for stress elimination through deep rest
  • Watch videos, e.g., Health featuring Norman Cousins, Meditation in the Corporate World


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