Who Do You Work For Anyway?
Transforming Customers into Long-Term Followers

"Employees won’t treat the customer any better than they are treated."

— Jim Bagnola



To address the reality that the customer is everything, and all else in organizational life is commentary.


Main Focus

This workshop focuses on the psychology of customer service and how to use it.  The new social contract requires us to think and act like self-employed business owners, to become professional problem-solvers. Not solving the customer’s problems could mean we lose the customer, that market, even our job. Customers are the only reason anyone has a job.

This session highlights seven fundamentals that inspire employees to have a sense of ownership, accountability, and personal responsibility for the customer — the real boss.



  • The customer is not always right, but should always be treated right
  • In the customer’s eyes, the employee is the organization
  • Creating autonomous “Serve Persons”
  • Leadership in any arena requires a change in the role of management
  • What gets measured and reinforced gets done
  • Hold everyone accountable, and celebrate together



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